Summit is the Make it Better Company

Our name says it all. Well, almost. Yes, we provide B2B book services. However, we do it in a way that makes getting them a lot easier, completed sooner, and at a lower cost.

Summit is the Make it Better Company

Our name says it all. Well, almost. Yes, we provide B2B book services. However, we do it in a way that makes getting them a lot easier, completed sooner, and at a lower cost.

We give you access to book creation services that will make you a hero to your customers.

Based in Los Gatos, California, Summit Book Services is a team of industry experts from all facets of book creation. We combined our expertise and created an efficient system that allows all types of organizations to access and order book creation services quickly and easily.

We understand the complexities of running a business, managing an organization, or leading a group. The responsibilities can be overwhelming. So we set out to design a business model based on efficiency and ease of use to make your business life easier.

Our people focus on providing you with quality services so you can focus on your business creativity.

Our Mission

To provide easily attainable service solutions that drive value and success for our clients.

Our Vision

Being a global platform to help organizations promote literary achievement.

Our Goal

To create thousands of happy Workspace users.

Our Motto

“We make it easy!”

Our Purpose

To help make running your organization more enjoyable.

Meet the Founders

Keanu Razonable

Keanu Razonable

Founder and CEO

Using his 20-plus years of experience working with organizations in the book industry, Keanu took on the challenge of creating a better way for publishers to provide book services. He wanted to create a high-quality, reliable resource based on value, integrity, and complete transparency that would help foster literacy and literary achievement on a global scale.

Keanu felt the best way to accomplish this would be to serve organizations that already have their own relationships with content creators. If he could help these organizations operate more efficiently, they, in turn, could better focus on helping their clients achieve their goals. And this would create a winning environment for the industry as a whole.

Keanu and his team are excited to bring more technology to serve the industry. But for Keanu, technology is only valuable if it helps organizations achieve their goals more effectively. That’s why Summit works closely with clients to understand their unique needs and develop customized solutions to meet their specific requirements.

When he’s not busy leading Summit Book Services or working to improve the industry, Keanu enjoys teaching his daughter how to play drums and is finally coming to grips with the fact that she’s going to be way better than him! Keanu is a nutrition nerd, a believer in using food as medicine, and a big advocate for regenerative agriculture. He also loves being in nature and exploring all things the coast and redwoods offer around his home in Northern California.

Dwight Agor

Dwight Agor

Co-founder and COO

A versatile and results-driven professional with a passion for innovation and growth across various industries, including publishing, sales, marketing, and real estate. With a solid background in project management and a commitment to client success, this individual excels at identifying opportunities and delivering tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of B2B businesses and various clients.

Having a proven track record in revolutionizing processes and driving results, this professional offers comprehensive support from strategic planning to implementation across multiple domains. Leveraging extensive industry expertise and a keen understanding of niche markets, they have helped numerous clients establish a strong presence in their respective fields and achieve lasting success.

Armed with a solid educational foundation and a commitment to lifelong learning, this professional continually seeks new opportunities for growth and development. As an advocate for continuous improvement, both personally and professionally, they enjoy sharing knowledge and insights with others to drive positive change.

With a strong focus on sales and marketing, this individual deeply understands what it takes to drive revenue, enhance brand visibility, and maximize market potential. In addition, their experience in the real estate industry has equipped them with the skills to identify lucrative opportunities and navigate complex transactions.

Connect with this experienced and adaptable professional to explore how their unique blend of skills, experience, and education can benefit your organization and help you unlock your full potential.

Timothy John

Timothy John

Co-founder and CMO

Tim is the leader of marketing and has over 15 years of working with SEO and marketing. He serves the company by announcing client and customer relations news, publishing Press Releases, and crafting Social Media posts related to happenings at Summit Book Services. Tim holds a Ph.D. in Philosophy from NYU and is a published author. He lives in Hawaii with his wife and son.

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Ready to make a positive change?