All of Summit’s editing services get produced by industry professionals with years of experience in all aspects of the editing process. To ensure you get the best fit for your editing project, all of our editing services get matched according to our editors with experience in the respective book genre.

Editorial Assessment

Our Editorial Assessment service is a comprehensive and detailed analysis of the provided manuscript. We assess the manuscript, digging deeper into the work to address issues that need immediate correction before being sent out for final publication.

Assessment Details

This service includes an evaluation of context and structure (grammar, spelling, plot, setting, characterizations, etc.), as well as recommendations that will help determine which issues to address—from technical structure to content—and how to fix them. This service offers a reading of the manuscript and a detailed report based on a three-level examination of multiple elements of manuscript review and critique:

Manuscript Review

We will write a synopsis of the manuscript, touching on the main points of the plot, character, and style, including identifying the audience the manuscript most likely needs to target.

Editorial Analysis

Our editors use a rigorous application of the rules from The Chicago Manual of Style across 18 different categories and will edit a selection from your manuscript. We will report on the degree of editing required to bring your manuscript into conformity with our standards so that it can be made ready for distribution.

Substantive Analysis

For fiction manuscripts, we perform an analysis of the writing quality in general, as well as how the manuscript approaches and utilizes storytelling elements, including the following:

    • Setting
    • Character development
    • Organization
    • Coherence
    • Plot
    • Dialogue
    • Character action
    • Resolution
    • Summary

It is important to note that at this level of assessment, we are not editing or changing the manuscript. We are just pointing out aspects of the work that are well done or may need a second look.


    • under 14,000 words -flat rate
    • over 14,000 words -per 1000 words

Turnaround: 7-10 business days

Complete service and pricing details along with submission requirments will be in your Workspace.

Element Details

    • The period is adequately defined.
    • The physical world where the action of the story takes place (considerations like the weather, the relationships among geographical locations, the flora and the fauna, activities, occupations, and other physical structures) get well described. 
    • The issues or obstacles of the main characters must overcome get clearly presented at the beginning of the story.
    • The transition from the introduction to the presentation of the conflict must be well-developed.
    • Details support the central theme of the story.
    • No extraneous details.
    • Relevancy, strength, and variety of ideas supporting the core story.
Character Action
    • Consistent, logical, and within the context of the author’s description of the characters.
    • Supported by the events that take place in the story.
    • The presentation of characters, their goals/motives, including their relation to one another are well laid out and focused. 
    • The author succeeds in developing the events and conflicts leading to the point of climax.
    • All events and minor details are tied up to create sustained tension throughout the story.
    • The final confrontation and resolution among the characters that matter get adequately presented.
    • Ingenious, original, conventional plot devices (asynchronous vs. synchronous).
    • The story is tight (as opposed to loose, where readers cannot make out what the story is all about).
    • No rushed transitions.
    • Does the story make any sense by the end of the telling?
    • Each part/section makes sense from start to finish.
Character Development
    • Character backstory.
    • Places, events, origins, and background support the story’s development.
    • Impact on the overall story.
    • Logical appearance (introduction not forced; no surprise, inexplicable appearance).
    • Influence on other characters.
    • Dialogues/thoughts are not out of character.
    • Consistent throughout the story – if a drastic shift (also applies to character action) is involved, the author successfully supports it.
    • The story ends logically.
    • The characters’ issues get resolved as they move back to their regular lives (unless they are part of a series).

Line Editing

In a comprehensive editing process, line editing (also called stylistic editing) is the second stage of editing, right after developmental editing but before mechanical/copy editing. In contrast with the big-picture approach of developmental editing or the mechanical, English grammar, and house style guide focus of copy editing, line editing is primarily concerned with maintaining the author’s individual style. Elements that affect style include the right choice of words, word tone, and use of cliches.

Line Editing Details

Line Editing will check for:

    • Use of consistent tone
    • Overall pacing
    • A logical flow of a piece
    • Extraneous words
    • Avoidance of clichés
    • Use of consistent point of view
    • Checks how the writer uses language at the level of the sentence and paragraph

    It is important to note that the editor may catch and change mechanical errors but is not obliged to do so. Maximum of 3 free revision cycles included.


      • under 6000 words -lot price
      • over 6000 words -per 1000 words

    Turnaround: 7-10 business days

    Complete service and pricing details along with submission requirments will be in your Workspace.

    Copy Editing

    Mechanical or Copy editing is the process of revising written material to improve readability and soundness. It gets done by making deliberate modifications in your text without changing its meaning. The copy editor evaluates language using various criteria, for example, word choice, sentence structure, clarity of meaning, and accuracy. Mechanical or Copy editing checks your manuscript for parts that do not follow the rules of the English language.

    Copy Editing Details

    Mechanical/Copy Editing will check for, among others, the following:

      • Spelling
      • Punctuation
      • Typos
      • Regional English (e.g., American vs. British English)
      • Subject-predicate agreement
      • Faulty parallelism
      • Misplaced or dangling modifiers
      • Verb tense switching
      • Style consistency in matters of formatting, typeface, highlighting conventions

    It is important to note that Mechanical/Copy Editing will not check for overuse of clichés, wordy construction, and other line editing processes. Maximum of 3 free revision cycles included.


      • under 5000 words -lot price
      • over 5000 words -per 1000 words

    Turnaround: 7-10 business days

    Complete service and pricing details along with submission requirments will be in your Workspace.


    Proofreading is an extra layer of editing to ensure that the editor did not miss any mistakes. While the copy editor checks for mistakes overlooked by the author, the proofreader checks for mistakes overlooked by the copy editor. In most editing services, copy editing and proofreading are combined in one step. This is especially so if a tight deadline is involved. Where there is a luxury of time, additional proofreading could be rendered.

    Proofreading Details

    Proofreading will check for the following:

      • Spelling errors
      • Omitted sections
      • Wrong database
      • Layout consistency
      • Formatting consistency (highlighted texts, spaces, etc.)
      • Incorrect punctuation marks

    It is important to note that Proofreading will not check for parts that need extensive revision—only correcting those parts missed by the copy editor to ensure the manuscript is ready for the next stage in production. Maximum of 3 free revision cycles included.


      • under 7000 words -flat rate
      • over 7000 words -per 1000 words

    Turnaround: 7-10 business days

    Complete service and pricing details along with submission requirments will be in your Workspace.

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