Industry Freelancers

No need to tell your clients you don’t offer a service or send them somewhere else so they can complete their book. Summit provides an easy-to-use solution that will help you round out your book creation services, allowing you to offer everything it takes to create a quality book for your clients.

Give your clients all that they want.

Expand Your Services

Easily add other book creation services to your portfolio, so your client does not need to go elsewhere to seek other services to complete their book endeavor. Not only will you have your client’s full attention, but you will be able to deliver them a quality product beyond their expectations.

Create New Income

Plugging in additional services without producing them can be an easy way to generate more revenue. You’re already providing your clients a service, so why not add another with a value-added margin?

Focus on Your Passion

Do what you love to do while still being able to provide your clients with the complete package. We can take the worry out of having to do things that might not be in your comfort zone, allowing you to do what you do best.

Save on Expenses

There is no need to add expensive hardware and software to your business when we can produce it. Submit a project in your workspace, and then we’ll deliver it to you using our technology and expertise.

Ready to make a positive change?

Ready to make a positive change?