Producing a quality index will vastly enhance the quality and value of your client’s book. Our indexing professionals have the specialized skill and understanding of the art of creating a reader-friendly index that will be clear and comprehensive.

Keyword Indexing

Keyword indexing is the perfect way for your clients to get a reader-friendly usable index for their books. Our indexing professionals will create a properly formatted and organized index with a comprehensive structure that will add tremendous value to their formatted books.

Keyword Indexing Details

Keyword Indexing is our indexing service process for which a member of our design team will create a based on submitted client keywords.

Standard Indexing Service for:

    • Single level indexing
    • Multi-level indexing

It is important to note that this level of indexing service is not for non-fiction titles (e.g., Medical Books and Law Books). Index entries are dependent on the client-submitted entries. This indexing service is reliant on an “exact match” entry. This level of indexing is not topic-related indexing.


      • under 100 keywords -flat rate
      • over 100 keywords -per word

    Turnaround: 7-10 business days

    Ready to make a positive change?

    Ready to make a positive change?