Promotional Creations

Directing attention to your client’s work is a huge factor in their success. We provide design work for almost all promotional areas, from distinctive printed materials to catchy promo items. Our team of graphic designers has the eye for design and the creative skill to bring your client’s endeavors to the forefront of their market.

Promotional Item Design

From bookmarks to banners to coffee mugs, we can create an eye-catching design for any promotional item. Our design artists can utilize your client’s book cover or create a whole new design that’s sure to grab attention.

Promo Item Design Details

Promotional Item Design is a design service process for which a member of our design team will create an original design or a design based on supplied or Summit-designed cover art. Your client can select from any promotional item offering from Vistaprint®, and Summit will use the design specifications for selected items. If your client chooses a design created for a promotional item that is not in the Vistaprint® catalog, you will need to provide complete design specifications according to Summit requirements.


  • per new design
  • per reconfigured cover design or supplied design
  • per each additional promotional item


  • New Design 5-7 business days
  • From Cover Design or Supplied Design 3-5 business days
  • Additional Items 3-5 business days

Complete service and pricing details along with submission requirments will be in your Workspace.

Ready to make a positive change?

Ready to make a positive change?