Whether you’re a traditional publisher, an independent publisher, or a self-publishing organization, there’s one thing you all have in common; clients seek out your services to help them create a quality book. We can help you do that much more effectively and on many different levels.

Make your publishing organization ready for anything.

Extra Capacity

Business is constantly fluctuating. There are times when book creation can be overwhelming, which can affect your workflow and put your production behind schedule. In times of overflow, we can increase your service capacity without any need to add to your headcount, making your organization as agile as it can be.

Multiple Genres

Your organization might specialize in a specific genre, and your team’s knowledge and experience are both built around that genre. We can help you take on those projects that might not necessarily be in your genre wheelhouse. Instantly this will make your organization ready for anything that comes your way.

Specialty Services

There might be a specialized service for which your organization doesn’t provide a focus and may have never planned to take on. These situations can create stalls in project creation which throws off your production schedule. Summit can easily take care of these specialized projects for you so you can keep your workflow right on track.

Ready to make a positive change?

Ready to make a positive change?