Writing Organizations

Providing an in-house way to get book creation services will provide a way to help your members go beyond the writing process to complete their author journey. Giving members these services will not only help you attract new members but will also be a great way to keep your members engaged.

Help your members complete their author journey.

Grow Your Community

Knowing that your organization can provide services beyond writing will be a great incentive to attract more members. Knowing that your group has post-writing book services will show a prospective member that you have the bigger picture in mind and an understanding of the needs for their author journey ahead.

Increase Retention

Offering post-writing services is a great way to keep members engaged. Summit has services that could provide your members that will level up their skills and create feedback loops keeping them on their path within your organization.

Organizational Funding

There are always costs associated with organized events. By offering valuable services to your community, you will not only be able to offset those expenses, but you could also create a new revenue stream for your organization to help grow it the way you want to.

Ready to make a positive change?

Ready to make a positive change?